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4th july 2004

confrontation is a powerful word , the following links are photojournals of what happens when you go to try and confront your "enemy". as you will see from the pictures "the enemy" are nowhere to be seen , instead we are met time after time with a wall of police officers or riot squad heavies. as the anti-capitalist movement gains momentum the behaviour of the police has shifted accordingly. i always attend these events as a peaceful protestor and believe wholeheartedly that violence will solve nothing , non-violent direct action is the way forward everytime , yet increasingly i see strong arm tactics employed by the very people who are supposed to be there to protect us. our right to demonstrate is being pulled from under us at an alarming rate , we are now at a stage where you are liable to be violently attacked and incarcerated merely for voicing your beliefs , what stronger indication could there be of the impending fascist state that the powers that be are constructing to contain dissent. thier power base however is very fragile, it needs us to consume in order to feed itself. , it relies on our co-operation , our domesticity , our silence and our blind obedience. the day when we all stand up and say no will be the day they lose their delicate grip on the reins of control.

the final battle of the superpowers is being fought out right now , we the people are to be the victors , its inevitable , lets hope they , the aggressors , do the decent thing and give in peacefully rather than continue their futile battle to a bitter and bloody end.


15th august 2005

the beatings get heavier and the repression grows , how long since i wrote that first bit and look at us now , we live in fear of bombings , police are on the street shooting innocent people through the back of the head , peaceful protest is all bar outlawed and at the best at the whim of the police , our elected leader is recreating the days of the politburo , talk of i.d. cards is rampant and bush and his bunch of oil drunk bigoted warmongering rednecks have the reins again in the good old u.s.of a.


fuck , my house is older than their country.

how did this happen?

and just how heartening is it to know that their time is so limited?

their oil is all bar gone.

their economy is propped up on false promises.

and commucapitalist china is breathing down their neck at a rate of knotts.

its their war out there but its our children and parents that die for them.

they've totally screwed the environment , they are totally screwing the economy and they are totally screwing our innate faith in human nature , i know its a big step to take , but , trust me now , its for your own good ......

stop voting.

stop asking for permission.

stop explaining yourself.

start doing what *you* know is right [edit 2011 - orig "and start doing what *you* want to do. edited to avoid ambiguity.]


dunno where confrontation is going to take us next. the clandestine insurgent rebel clown army are one group doing it different , its up to you and me to expand and diversify.



7th december 2007


blair has gone and we have brown in his place and already his promises are beginning to crumble , the laws regarding socpa are , if anything getting more wide ranging and veteran peace campaigner brian haw is still coming in for stick , the u.s. has its sights fixed firmly on iran and the cold war is rearing its ugly head again. BAe systems are getting away with it. repeatedly. and now they've even been exposed as spies for their activities regarding the campaign against the arms trade. on top of this menwith hill is due another upgrade despite years of protest by the campaign for the accountability of american bases and lockheed martin are trying to secure the contract to run the next uk census.


the totalitarian state being spread worldwide by the rampant exponents of u.s. imperialism has a stronger grip than ever on world affairs and it seems inevitable that they will now no longer baulk at the thought of a military strike on *any* nation that dares stand in their way or disagree with them. the power to sway our own government in the uk has long since been irrelevant in the overall scheme of things and now only the american population can bring this monster to its knees.

for our part we can only continue to boycott those who we find immoral and distasteful , the list goes on and on , from nation states with vile foreign policy like the u.s. and israel , to the religious fundamentalists that try to take away our basic freedom and right to choose as do the regimes in the u.s. and iran and the taliban in afghanistan , down to the multinationals that will stop at nothing, not even rape , pillage and murder to plunder the last remaining wealth from our planet , esso , nestle , macdonalds , coca cola etc , to the shops which give us whatever we want as long as we want whatever they sell , tesco , asda, sainsburys etc.

vote on the street , vote with your money , vote with your feet.

and when you want to hold those to account who are supposedly elected to serve you them go to write to and make your voice heard.

just because i don't believe in the vote it doesn't mean those that do are unaccountable.

and once again , to re-iterate , think global , act local

peace and anarchy.




26th dec 2010

and we thought it couldnt get any worse. =0z

still facing up to the possibility of a total collapse in the world banking sytem. the money men have continued to plunder and pillage and it seems the more you earn the more they let you steal. are leading the war on the corporate tax dodgers pointing to the millions that are owed in unpaid taxes by the likes of vodaphone and topshop whilst their buddies in parliament try to scrape billions back from the poorest in society and plunge another half a million people into unemployment.

the wars are still going on and are still killing countless innocent civilians and the govt are still pushing thier crap about how these wars are slowly being won and that we will soon be able to hand the people their countries back , battered , bruised and bloody and devoid of any oil and infrastructure. all hail the peace-keepers!!

as for govt , they too seem to be entrenched in an excercise to discover just how domesticated and gullible the public at large have become. we have the glorious con-dem alliance in full swing with the liberals selling out their core voters at every twist and turn and the tories returning us to the days of the workhouse whilst paying the millowner a massive yearly bonus and turning a blind eye to his tax bill.

this is just the start. there is rioting all over europe with the P.I.G.S. all going to the wall (portugal , ireland , greece and spain all facing bancruptcy and representing the bottom line in a shaky house of cards.) the right wing are on the march again like thatcher never died and the inner cities are starting to bubble over again. protest marches are now peopled with every walk of society and every age group and cover as many concerns as there are victims to be counted.

islam is the new real threat to our nation and a new cycle of hate wars have been produced to help divide and thus conquer the irritable masses. forget the blacks , the pakistani's and the eastern europeans , its the muslims that are now taking all our jobs and houses , killing all our children and burning down all our churches and the patriots have taken to the streets in their modern day designer label crusader costumes to turn back these latter day sons of saladin.

the info wars have started in earnest , its now common knowledge that the media tells lies , that voting doesnt get you anywhere and that the govt will shaft you any which way they can as long as you continue to support them. are leading the fight back and hacktivists in high rise blocks and around the village greens are taking up the challenge. big government and anonymous joe public are locking horns in the until now relatively calm waters of the cyber hinterlands. like the early oceans that we first sailed to find new lands these seas of information are now being protected by the admiralty flagship whilst the front lines are being breached by pirates under a smugglers moon. DoSS attacks are common place , the money men are turning the screws on the non party line corporations, gulit by association is back in all its macarthyist glory and the "freedom" of information is now a massive threat to national security.

the truth of the matter is that once the people know what goes on behind all the lies then they will see the govt for the effette and corrupt bunch that they really are whose tenuous grip on power can only be maintained by an ever weakening web of lies and deceit.

the internet has bought us together as a global community in the few short years that ive been running this website. the might of the pen has always won the battle so now they are trying to take the pen from us. creativity and resistance will overcome this.

the front line of the student demos made me smile this year. young kids with riot shields in the style of political novels.

peace, anarchy and freedom to all.


1st aug 2011


i read the news today oh boy/f*ck.

Anarchists should be reported, advises Westminster anti-terror police

Islamist terrorists also mentioned in briefing, as anarchists complain of being criminalised for their beliefs

Anarchist symbol, protest march
Anarchists should be reported, City of Westminster police have advised locals. Photograph: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

What should you do if you discover an anarchist living next door? Dust off your old Sex Pistols albums and hang out a black and red flag to make them feel at home? Invite them round to debate the merits of Peter Kropotkin's anarchist communism versus the individualist anarchism of Emile Armand? No – the answer, according to an official counter-terrorism notice circulated in London last week, is that you must report them to police immediately.

This was the surprising injunction from the Metropolitan Police issued to businesses and members of the public in Westminster last week. There was no warning about other political groups, but next to an image of the anarchist emblem, the City of Westminster police's "counter terrorist focus desk" called for anti-anarchist whistleblowers stating: "Anarchism is a political philosophy which considers the state undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful, and instead promotes a stateless society, or anarchy. Any information relating to anarchists should be reported to your local police."

The move angered some anarchists who complained that being an anarchist should not imply criminal behaviour. They said they feel unfairly criminalised for holding a set of political beliefs.

The feeling of disproportion was compounded by the briefing note author making a similar request about Islamist terrorists a few lines further down. Under an image of flag with a gold dot beneath some Arabic script it added: "Often seen used by al-Qaida in Iraq. Any sightings of these images should be reported to your local police."

"It unfairly implies that anyone involved in anarchism should be known to the police and is involved in an dangerous activity," said Jason Sands, an anarchist from South London. "There is nothing inherently criminal about political philosophy whatever it is. The police work under the convention on human rights which disallows discrimination against people because of their political beliefs and even the request for information would seem to be in breach of that. It also seems to be a bit useless as a way of gathering intelligence. It isn't focused on anything specific and they are just asking for general information. Imagine calling up and saying 'there's an anarchist in my building. What should I do?' It doesn't make sense."

The note was issued from Belgravia Police Station as part of Project Griffin which aims to "advise and familiarise managers, security officers and employees of large public and private sector organisations across the capital on security, counter-terrorism and crime prevention issues".

Sean Smith, external relations officer for Solfed, the British section of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers' Association, said of the call for whistleblowers: "It's pretty absurd, but not surprising, when the state seeks to criminalise ideas it deems to be dangerous to its own survival".

"We are a revolutionary union initiative," he explained. "Members of our organisation believe in bringing about radical social change through workplace and community organising, not acts of terrorism. We have made extensive information about our ideas and strategy freely available online."

Small groups of anarchists masked and dressed in black did cause some damage to shop windows in central London during anti-cuts demonstrations in the Spring, but there has been little activity of late. The next big anarchist event in London appears hardly likely to concern the police. It is a book fair in October with "all-day cabaret starring assorted ranters, poets, singers and comics; all-day film showings and two kids' spaces".



i started believing in anarchy when i first realised most of the stuff i was being taught at school and reading in the press was based on propaganda and misinformation. i later started calling myself an anarchist when i "went punk" in 1976. i played "god save the queen" by the sex pistols out of my bedroom window when her madge brenda drove past on her "silver jubilee tour" and i had myself tattooed as such on the parasitic old trouts golden jubilee 25 years later.
i have since the age of 8 been a genuine pacifist when i learned for myself about injustice and prejudice whilst witness ing them metered out by both my peers and my teachers. i saw rich kids beating up "the smelly lad" and i saw a physics teachers verbally and physically assault what he called "jungle bunnies"

now it appears that im the bad guy that needs reporting on and watching by the police. (stalin much?)

this only confirms and empowers my belief that i am right and they are nothing bar liars , thieves and murderers.

here are 3 articles i have collected and shared online. ive sent them to the griffin report. you can find a copy of the griffin article online as a .pdf


in other news. phone hacking. expenses fiddling. police incompetence/corruption. murdoch. cameron.

"the police , politicians and press have all shown themselves to be far less morally inclined than i am. out of perhaps 100 people who i know and speak with regularly in this town little old town of ours i only know 2 other anarchists. but im willing to bet i the other 98 of them would agree outright with the above sentiment whatever their current political belief.

im not making all this stuff up whilst sat in my tinfoil hat and broadcasting bollocks for a laugh you know. this is stuff that you can all see happening if you just look further than gameshows, reality t.v. and the endless sport that we are fed glamourising competetiveness whilst using it to shaft you good and proper.

the corrupt ruling classes are the ones calling the shots are they are the ones that are winning because they have made you believe competetiveness is the way forward. its isnt. its co-operation. if we ignore them and do things for ourselves instead of their pockets how on earth could we be any worse off?

menwith hill is getting bigger and bigger.


and sadly brian haw passed away this year and will be sadly missed by all those who met him and who loved him for what he did with such commitment.




Xx xpyda








the galleries below are a selection from demonstrations leading up to the situation we find ourselves in now. its good to see that the spirit of protest is still alive and a whole new generation has been politicised by the injustices wrought by the latest incarnation of this *mother* of all parliaments.



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