building hotels on mayfair
from 8.04.01

this mayday sees the continuation of what the "fluffies and the spikies" see as a righteous fight to wrest the world from the crushing grip of global capitalism.

the objective is large and overbearing, it stretches the david and goliath scenario to its limits, but this time the little man seems to posses an elusive air of confidence as he steps up to the oche (who knows, perhaps the size difference in a way swings things in the protestors' favour, in the time honoured tradition of giant killing and revolutionary fervour)

the weapons in the protestors hands are, on occasion, as bizarre as they are varied. this is something that gives them the edge every time when coming to planning an action, they hit the authorities with a fresh set of problems at each confrontation. diversity is the key, a diversity which ironically the adversaries of this crusade are attempting to wipe out.

drink coke, eat mac, wear gap.
drink coke, eat mac, wear gap.
drink coke, eat mac, wear gap.
drink coke, eat mac, wear gap.

it's the new multinational mantra.

from turning parliament square into a vegetable patch, albeit a soggy one, to opposing the construction of a mega-dam in turkey. from a handful of individuals outside a clothes store putting on a little street theatre to 200 000 people behind a masked man marching into mexico city to demand rights and decent standards of living for the hundreds of thousands of indiginous people living in poverty and squallor, the ball keeps on rolling and just keeps getting bigger.

so this mayday is to see several thousand joyful protesters joining in on a game of monopoly on a grand scale, autonomous actions are springing up all over this surreal board that has been draped across the landscape, the latest of these intends to highlight a concern very close to the heart of this publication, the thousands of homeless people on the streets of britain and in turn the millions of homeless in all the dark corners of the world.

out there on the streets is a ready made army, all that they need is direction. For one day the road signs are in place, and their direction is clear: mayfair.

the plan is to construct the world's largest cardboard hotel on some of the world's most expensive real estate. simple yet effective.

for too long the destitute and homeless have been invisible, not just as a statistic, but as a basic shortfall in human rights. this action intends to address that and, for one day at least, make people think before turning their backs on the down and out in their doorways.

after all, what good can a system of enormous wealth and power be doing if its subjects have to sleep in the rain, cold and hungry at night?



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ian hunter