( since this page first went up brian has received celebrity status to a degree and there are now many more authoritative sites than mine to keep people informed of his activities the link above is to brians official page , the links to the postcards are still contained on this page along with a brief introduction to the man and his campaign )


there is a man called brian , he has been camped on the central island in parliament square since 2 June 2001  , (thats over 6 years!!)  24 hours a day , seven days a week , he is an ex - marine who has seen the futility of war and now campaigns tirelessly for peace.


he is not allowed to block the pavement in any way and he is not allowed onto the grass in the square so his home is the foot wide wall that separates the two , this is where he eats and sleeps. come rain come shine , enduring regular threats from the abundant number of american tourists in the area and coming under constant mental and physical abuse from passing meatheads who think with their fists and feet.


its strange that a man demonstrating with his entire being for peace is subjected to mindless hatred and violence as a result. a sad indictment of the current state of affairs in this oil thirsty world in which we live.


despite this enormous pressure brian remains adamant. when asked how long he will keep up his protest his answer, delivered in a plain softly spoken manner is "for as long as it takes" and if you look into his eyes when he says this you know how much this means to him , you know how hard its going to be for him , and you become part of it.


we are all part of it , those who turn their backs are as guilty as those who send the bombs. if you're in the area go say hello to him , let him know you're thinking about him. tell him you check on him regularly on the web cam here , take him a candle or two , or make a banner placard for peace to add to his display , which also comes under constant attack from moronic passers by as well as the relentless london traffic and wind and rain.


there are designs for the front and back of an a6 postcard , download and print out for local distribution or why not get together with a few friends and have a thousand or so printed up professionally. if you need help with that click here.


cards of support can be sent direct to:-


brian haw

central island

parliament square




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