Cuba would be a good place for you.  Have fun, smoke cigars because its clear to see that you know nothing of the American history outside of how to jump on the bandwagon for peace when it seems that the majority of the world is doing just that.  Its called front running and its exactly what weasels and rats do when they are led somewhere, they follow.


Tell me why I would send any kind of proof of anything to you?  I am sure that you make it a habit of sending political proof and document via email to strangers in other countries.  You are a true asset to your government.  After Cuba I reccommend you jaunt over to France.  They love people like you.  They also like to stand still and get their blood up in a boil when they see the US take action against insane tyrants, that is of course until they need help, can you guess who they come running to for aide??


I don't think you even realize why you protest.  Do you?  Its because you are jealous.  You don't live in the best country on the planet.  Hell it would piss me off to.  We don't want you here, and from your actions, its clear why.  We thrive on the working class not on the welfare check collectors like yourself.  We don't want to support you if you won't look for work, so you are not allowed in.  I would be pissed off to brother, I don't blame you one bit friend.


Let me leave you with one last thing.  The United States of America IS in charge of the world.  Did you read those words right?? WE ARE IN CHARGE OF THE WORLD BECAUSE COUNTRIES SUCH AS IRAQ, IRAN AND THE UK DON'T KNOW HOW TO RUN THEIR COUNTRIES, SO WE HAVE TO TAKE OVER,and although our leaders do not come right out and say it, they know and we know.  Think of us as a master babysitter.  We look down on country's such as your own and make sure that you don't start to misbehave.  If we feel you have, we will worn you and give you a time out.  If you continue to act up we may send you to your room to think about what you have done.  But if you persist, we will light you up like the forth of July and you will finally learn your lesson to behave.  We are sorry that we have to do this, hell, we will even give you money to get back on your feet, but keep in mind, I may be one of the many arrogant SOB's that we call citizens, but stay in check my friend for if you start to misbehave, your little country will be next and all those years that you've worked for and all that money you'be earned will be mine.  Its not a pretty job, but someone has to do it.  So kiss my RED WHITE AND BLUE ASS!!


AND FOR GODS SAKE......................BEHAVE!!!!!!!!